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We are a general store selling furniture (both painted and unpainted, lighting, soft furnishings, ceramics, ladies clothing, jewellery, paintings, illustrations, candles and beauty products all produced within the British Isles. 

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Hand painted, refined, bespoke... a unique collection of beautiful furniture and homewares. Commission painting of furniture also undertaken.

Lefroys general store

Founded in the spring of 2014 near the riverside town of Fordingbridge on the river Avon, situated on the western edge of the New Forest national park, Lefroys general store specialise in reviving 19th and 20th century furniture.  

The foundation of the business is breathing a new life into old, but not necessarily antique, pieces of furniture such as wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables, kitchen tables, dressers, side boards, shelves, cupboards, side tables and anything that we think might look lovely after a little attention. By doing this we can hopefully keep the pieces affordable.

We also provide a commission painting service for customers' own furniture.